Types of Operating Systems

Types of Operating Systems
There are some widely used types of operating system is given above.
uBatch Operating System
uTime sharing Operating system
uMultiprocessor Operating System
uDistributed Operating System
uReal-time Operating System
Types of Operating Systems

Batch Operating System:
Batch Operating System is one of the important types of operating system.In this type of system, there is no direct communication between user and computer. It will complete its jobs automatically without any human intervention. The user has to submit the job that is written on cards or tape to the computer operator. The computer operator creates a batch file consists of same jobs into an input device. Then the memory is allocated for the batch file to complete its execution. There is a special program called Monitor which manages the execution of the batch files.

Time-sharing operating system:
The time-sharing operating system allows many users to share the computer resources simultaneously. It enables many users to access the particular computer resources at the same time. The processor time is shared among the multiple users simultaneously is termed as time sharing.

Multiprocessor Operating System
Multiprocessor Operating System is one of the best types of operating system.Multiprocessing is defined as the two or more central processing units(CPU's)within a single computer system. The multiple CPU's shares the computer bus, memory and other I/O devices.
A multiprocessing system is based on the symmetric multiprocessing model. In this mode, each processor runs the same copy of operating system. In this system, the processor is assigned a specific task. A master processor controls the system. This model is called as the master-slave relationship. The main advantage of the multiprocessor system is to complete the work in a less period of time. The another advantage is that if one processor fails, the other processor will not stop and it will not continue its execution without any disturbance.

Distributed Operating System
A distributed operating system is an operating system that runs on several machines.
This system looks to its users like an ordinary centralised operating system but runs on several independent central processing units (CPUs).
These systems are referred as loosely coupled systems where each processor has its own memory and processors communicate with one another through various communication lines, such as high-speed buses or telephone lines.
The Distributed Operating System involves a collection of autonomous computer systems which are capable of communicating and cooperating with each other through a LAN / WAN.

Real-time Operating System
Real-time Operating System is a multitasking operating system designed for the real-time applications such as embedded systems, industrial robots, scientific research equipment and others. It is divided into two types. They are Hard real-time and Soft real-time systems.
It will provide the maximum response time for hard real-time and average response time for soft real-time applications.