What is Abstraction?

What is Abstraction?

· Abstraction is the purposeful suppression or hiding, of some details of a process or artefact, in order to bring out more clearly other aspects, details, or structure.
· Information hiding is the purposeful omission of details in the development of an abstract representation.


Real time Example

Let us consider an average person’s understanding of an automobile.
For example, a layman's view of an automobile engine is a device that takes fuel as input and produces a rotation of the drive shaft as output.
This rotation is too fast to connect to the wheels of the car directly, so a transmission is a mechanism used to reduce a rotation of several thousand revolutions per minute to a rotation of several revolutions per minute.
This slower rotation can then be used to propel the car. This is not exactly correct, but it is enough for everyday purposes.
Sometimes we say that we have constructed a model of the actual system by means of abstraction.
We purposely avoid the need to understand many details in forming an abstraction or model and concentrate instead of a few key features. We often describe this process with another term called information hiding.